Tuesday, November 24, 2020

new tensions in Louisville after police

New tensions gripped the city of Louisville, Kentucky, from Thursday night to Friday after the court decision only prosecuted one of the three police officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death. About twenty protesters were arrested before a church welcomed the mobilization.

Curfews can do nothing against anger. Since the announcement on Wednesday that two of the three white police officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s death would not be prosecuted, the city of Louisville, in Kentucky in the USA, is living in step with the demonstrations. On September 24, hundreds of protesters again marched to condemn police violence and racial discrimination, chanting the name Breonna Taylor and “No Justice, No Peace.”

This time, they were able to escape the police thanks to the support of religious. As soon as night fell, at the time of the entry into force of the curfew – which will be extended until the end of the weekend – the hard core of the protest rushed to the first Unitarian Church, the edges of Ohio. “The sanctuary is open!” Then a black woman shouted into a megaphone, cheered by the audience.

Protesters supported by a Unitarian church

The religious building opened its doors to anti-racist protesters. Unlike the day before, when two policemen were injured in clashes with the protesters, the protesters were generally peaceful and the evening took place in peace. In the church parking lot, regulations of all kinds were distributed while legal aid was given to people affected by the police.

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In the midst of this unrest, Brother Tim, a 63-year-old priest, tried to buffer the forces of law and order and the protesters to calm the surrounding tensions and the invectives exchanged between the two camps. In the garden that surrounds the building, some protesters are tormented. They would have preferred to shout their anger in Jefferson Square, where they have gathered for months to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, the hospital worker who was killed at the age of 26 during a police intervention in her home in March.

24 people were arrested

But the square is crossed by rows of policemen whose helicopters fly over the area. Some protesters are sitting next to them, handcuffed. “At least 24 people were arrested during the evening on charges of illegal assembly, non-proliferation and first riots,” Louisville police said in a statement.

Louisville Deputy Chief of Police Robert Schroeder said earlier today that he expected the protests to continue in the next few days and that the curfew would be extended over the weekend. -finished. “It’s a very tense and emotional time for all of us,” Robert Schroeder told a news conference.

The deaths of Breonna Taylor, as well as George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Rayshard Brooks, four African Americans killed in recent months as a result of police violence, have resumed the debate on racism in the US police. Before the riots, Donald Trump presents himself in the middle of an election campaign as president of “law and order”.

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